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We are a national attorneys that focus on difficult litigation on behalf of injured victims. We have been awarded over $5 billion for our clients and are recognized as a leader in the personal injury cases.

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Personal Injuries

Have you or a loved one become the victim of an accident?

Pharmaceutical Litigation

Dangerous Drugs & Medical Devices.

Medical Malpractice

Injured by a negligent doctor? Medical malpractice lawsuits are complex.

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Personal Injury Firm

At California Personal Injury Firm, we reduce the amount of cases we prosecute. By maintaining a controlled work-load, we're able to give each client the focus necessary to get the best result attainable by law.


We are focused on protecting your rights. Your cause is our cause. If you are ready to talk, we are ready to listen and to provide all the service you and your loved ones need to get the justice you deserve. Our law firm has the experience to stand against anyone and will do everything possible to attain the only thing that matters to you - a winning results.

This is a wide area of the law, because there are about as several types of injury types and various ways to litigate. Most cases can include emotional distress such as post-traumatic stress disorder or depression. They typically include physical harm such as broken bones, internal organ damage or a head or spine injury. They may include occupational illnesses such as mesothelioma or deafness. Ultimately, the worst accidents lead to the death of an individual constituting a wrongful death claim.

You may find yourself needing the services of a Santa Ana Bail Bonds company, we we work with several different bondsman throughout California. We will match you up with the best firm to fit your needs.

We handle and have experience in all personal injury practice areas. 

We go to any length authorized by law to maximize our client’s compensation
  • Reasonable Attorney fees - Other lawyers can charge legal fees of up to 50%. At California Personal Injury Law Firm, we put our clients and their interest first. Our fees usually start from as little as 25% of the actual settlement.
  • We advance the costs- Many lawyers ask clients to pay for costs during their case. But we front all costs while your case is pending. You pay nothing unless we recoup reimbursement for you.
  • Attentive individual assistance - You will work specifically with our personal injury attorneys throughout your case. We will answer your questions and return your phone calls promptly. California Personal Injury Practice is committed to providing clients with exceptional service and successful results.
  • We handle our customers like family members with accessible and hands-on support
  • Skills and professionalism in handling your personal injury claim
  • With you until the end - Many personal injury lawyers "outsource" critical parts of cases to other attorneys. At California Personal Injury Law Firm, we stand by our clients throughout the entire legal process - we know your future depends on our performance.
  • Energetic and Determined Legal Representation